Month: September 2015

This time, instead of trying to dictate what a video game

Should I move on?I have been working on a game for about 6 months now. I have spent the past 6 months learning a lot about Unity and pixel art, practicing like crazy, fleshing out the story/characters/world, prototyping the more basic components of my game, and dabbling in my game art. Due to some recent […]

And a big part of that is the Army staying on top of it

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan Withdraws His Nomination For Permanent Post President Trump is losing his second defense secretary in less than six months. Acting Secretary Patrick Shanahan has been filling the role since Jim Mattis resigned over policy differences with the president late canada goose outlet china last year. Trump had tweeted his intention […]

Since the Enduraflex material contains a touch of spandex

Icebreaker BodyFit 260 Tech Crew ! Men’s best price Icebreaker made its Men’s BodyFit 260 Tech Crew out of merino wool to keep your body at an ideal temperature when you enjoy the outdoors. canada goose outlet los angeles Offset shoulder seams prevent uncomfortable rubbing against a backpack. Forward side seams eliminate chafing, and a […]

Thia is nice for mages who can just spam cantrips like acid

Most offensive spells and abilities can be set to auto cast with a right click on their icon. Thia is nice for mages who can just spam cantrips like acid splash all day long. Unfortunately, clerics don have any offensive cantrips and while you can set their normal spells like boneshaker to auto cast, it […]